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Rev. Wanda Kinsey MDiv.

Rev. Wanda Kinsey MDiv.

Wanda I. Kinsey accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into her life at the age of fourteen. She began to do the work of an Evangelist, feeding the poor, preaching to the marginalized and declaring God’s love for the world in accordance with John 3:16 and Matthew 25 in 1996 at the People Deliverance Church (PDC) in West Philadelphia. She developed and taught a New Believers Course entitled “Now that I am Saved” and created a short pamphlet series called “The Compelling Truth.”   

In 2005, Minister Kinsey joined the Love Zion Baptist Church where she continued the work of an evangelist in the streets of North Philadelphia. In 2006, wanting to cultivate her gift she attended the Melvin Floyd School of Evangelism where she received certificates in evangelism and basic biblical counseling. In 2008, at the instruction of her Pastor, Reverend Dr. Louis Cunningham, she developed a prison ministry in collaboration with the Wayfaring Prison Ministry, where she served in the Philadelphia prison system preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

In 2008, she received higher education at the Center of Urban Theological Studies, where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Urban Ministry Leadership. On May 19th 2012, Minister Kinsey completed her graduate studies at the Palmer Theological Seminary receiving a Master of Divinity Degree. On April 12, 2015 she was ordained Associate Pastor of Discipleship at Love Zion Baptist Church.

Reverend Kinsey is a child of God doing the work of Kingdom Building and making disciples at the Love Zion Baptist Church in North Philadelphia, where Reverend Clarence E. Wright is Senior Pastor.  Jesus is her primary example of how to love and how to live. Loving God and living a life acceptable to Him has been her constant aspiration, as she continues to make herself available for the work to the glory of God.